Pure Experiences

Attention, Emotions, Memories, Dreams, Progress, Awareness, Rebirth, Occult, Guru

June 9, 2022

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1 - Will attention practice cause more emotions or thoughts?
2 - How to sublimate the pending tendencies in the causal layer?
3 - Why do memories repeat?
4 - How to get rid of negative dreams?
5 - Is disowning suppression?
6 - Who is a Swami?
7 - How to know if one is progressing?
8 - How to stay in awareness all the time?
9 - How to end the cycle of rebirths?
10 - How to get out of a bad situation in your life?
11 - What are the impacts of changing the illusion?
12 - How to get the same Guru in every lifetime?
13 - Do we select the Guru, or the Guru selects us?
14 - Can one have many Gurus?
15 - What if I cannot connect with any of the Gurus?

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