Pure Experiences

Attention, Sleep, Karma, Cause, Memories, Necessary Action, Guru, Path

May 15, 2022

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1 - Why memory and imagination are not included as object of attention during the practices?
2 - Why is sleep is the only state of UM?
3 - If a needy is not helped will it create karma too?
4 - Why did the absolute take a form (or appears to take a form)?
5 - How to dispel a concept by direct experience?
6 - Why do people react to memories as if they are real?
7 - How to destroy the unnecessary desires?
8 - Is the idea of what is necessary different for different people?
9 - Do gurus get into bondage too by helping students?
10 - Is it ignorance to think that there is nothing to achieve/gain even spiritually?
11 - How to know if a path is suitable for me?

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