Pure Experiences

Concepts, Education, System, Occult, Control, Desires, Manifestation, Powers, Evolution

October 28, 2021

1. How are concepts different from abstractions?
2. Why doesn't education system teach anything spiritual or philosophical?
3. Why don't spiritual people make policies and laws?
4. How can we improve the system?
5. What is the difference between spirituality and religion?
6. How to know how many causal desires are completed?
7. What is a prayer and is it effective?
8. What is the secret of a successful relation?
9. How to control the unwanted actions?
10. How to have no new desires?
11. How to manifest effectively?
12. Does Gurufield fulfil our desires?
13. Are rituals important in occult?
14. How to bypass the physical laws?
15. Is this world protected? How does protection work?
16. How to get the powers, fast?
17. How to be sincere in your practice?
18. How to hold a strong intention?

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