Pure Experiences

Constants, Layer, Karma, Humanity, Agnosticism, Children

August 22, 2021

1. When the experience is changing, how can there be physical constants?
2. Are lower layers always present in the human experience?
3. How to differentiate between layers and sublayers?
4. Can we experience all the layers of the memory?
5. Is mother earth a sentient being?
6. What is the truth of aliens?
7. Why do I get punished by an action in the past life which I have forgotten?
8. Why do people believe that the earth is flat?
9. Why is there a fall in humanity?
10. Is there any difference between agnosticism and self realisation?
11. Why are there more layers above the causal body?
12. Can we teach the path of knowledge in schools?
13. Can we change the society?
14. How should we train our children?
15. How can we learn from past lives when we do not even remember them?

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