Pure Experiences

Eternity, Processes, Manifestation, Illusion, Food, Memory

April 14, 2022

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1 - What are the achievements of a seeker on the path of knowledge?
2 - What is knowledge and how is it different from information?
3 - How to detect ignorance and how to remove it?
4 - What makes the Experiencer eternal?
5 - What does the Experiencer know?
6 - When does Experience end?
7 - Name 5 major processes of the memory.
8 - What is the most important task to do after self realisation?
9 - What should a seeker study after getting the knowledge of nonduality?
10 - How are possibilities in emptiness being manifested?
11 - How to implement knowledge in our daily life?
12 - What are the senses and corresponding worlds for the layer of awareness?
13 - Is illusion endless?
14 - How to avoid the dark ages in the cycles of time?
15 - How to read someone else's mind?
16 - What should be our mental state while cooking or creating products for others?
17 - Is it ok to be completely careless socially?
18 - Should one avoid tamsik food on the path of knowledge?
19 - What is the difference between memory and mind?

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