Pure Experiences

Existence, Yonis, Body, Healing, Desires, Lifestyle

August 9, 2021

1. How to analyse the experience and the experiencer?
2. Can the experience disappear?
3. Is experiencer experiencing itself?
4. What is the difference between memory and a concept?
5. Is existence empty of objects and people?
6. What is a pure experience?
7. What is the truth of 84 lakh yonis?
8. How to know the body?
9. How does healing work?
10. How to get powers?
11. Is it ok to take medicine?
12. Should we leave the world or not?
13. How can desires disappear naturally?
14. What is Swadharma?
15. Why do some realised people suffer in the old age?
16. Can we fulfil the desires in the dream state?
17. What should we become aware of?
18. Will the Gurufield help in my worldly life?

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