Pure Experiences

Fear, Expression, Schools, Education, Karma, Relatives

October 10, 2021

1. Is it possible to learn and progress spiritually without taking a human birth?
2. How to get rid of fear of public speaking and how to make our expression beautiful?
3. Is the process of attaining knowledge and liberation predecided? Who decides this?
4. What are the benefits of expressing?
5. How to improve the activity of thinking?
6. Can the suffering be reduced by teaching spiritual subjects in schools?
7. What is wrong with the education system?
8. Are love and compassion also illusions?
9. Is suffering a balancing of the past karma?
10. Why is there a resistance in accepting our intellectual knowledge?
11. Do children of spiritual parents also become spiritual?
12. Are people in dreams aware of your meeting with them?
13. What can teachers in the schools do to help students who are curious about spirituality?
14. Knowing that all relatives are illusions how to carry out our responsibilities?

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