Pure Experiences

Ignorance, Books, Truth, Duality, Senses, Dissolution, Samadhi

October 31, 2021

1. What is the main cause of ignorance and how can the path of knowledge rectify it?
2. If a book says something which corresponds to my direct experience, is that book a good means of knowledge?
3. Should we believe in the truth?
4. What is the essential truth?
5. How can a person become the experiencer and which practices are necessary to reach that state?
6. If there is only one experiencer, why is there no common experience at all among different people?
7. Which layers are responsible for knowledge?
8. Which states are dominant in an ignorant person and which ones are found in someone with knowledge?
9. What causes the duality?
10. If I am the existence, why am I not free to do anything I wish? Won't it be totally ethical to cause destruction as I am doing it only to myself?
11. Are senses poison?
12. What to do when I lose all interest and I feel totally detached?
13. How to ensure complete dissolution in one lifetime?
14. Will this program teach me to see my past and future life?
15. Can death or Samadhi stop the dream?

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