Pure Experiences

Ignorance, Dependency, Causal Body, Roles, Projection, Bilocation, Akashic Memory

March 28, 2022

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1 - When can we say knowledge ends? 
2 - Can an ignorant person know that he/she is ignorant? 
3 - Which qualities of a seeker make him/her an exceptionally gifted seeker? 
4 - How is knowledge achieved systematically on the path of knowledge? 
5 - Which book has complete knowledge? 
6 - Experiencer knows nothing. Please comment. 
7 - Experience is dependent on the Experiencer. State your opinion. 
8 - Why is the layered structure repeatedly going through the cycles of incarnations? 
9 - What causes mental distortions? 
10 - We are not complete without knowledge, yet the Existence is already whole and complete. How is this contradiction possible?
11 - Are likes and dislikes stored in causal body?
12 - Do we need to play double role of Self and Ego?
13 - What is the difference between Astral Projection and projected states?
14 - What is bilocation?
15 - How to read the Akashic records?
16 - Is dream practice necessary?
17 - What is remote viewing?

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