Pure Experiences

Ignorance, True Nature, Oneness, Egoic State, Duality, Misunderstanding

March 31, 2022

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1 - What are some unique characteristics of the path of knowledge?
2 - Why do people find ignorance more comfortable and easy?
3 - Is knowing the truth optional?
4 - Where is the Experiencer when it is not manifesting in the world?
5 - What takes birth - Experience or Experiencer?
6 - What divides the nondual into dual?
7 - Can the true nature be known before knowing the illusion?
8 - How can a seeker experience oneness?
9 - Dependency, insecurity, emotional attachment, demanding nature etc - are signs of which substate of the waking state?
10 - Which state offers unlimited Experience?
11 - What are pure experiences?
12 - What is the ideal thing to do?
13 - Why do we need negativity to appreciate positivity?
14 - Why are gurus so cryptic?
15 - How to avoid misunderstanding between guru and student?
16 - What is understanding?

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