Pure Experiences

Individual, Doer, Dissolution, Predetermination, Powers, Oneness, Doubts, Awareness, Detachment, Occult, Perfect Master

April 24, 2022

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1 - If everything is existence itself, why is there a need to act and think as an individual?
2 - If existence is doing everything why should the individual act?
3 - Is total dissolution the only option?
4 - Is everything scripted and there is no possibility for new?
5 - Can the delusion last for many days?
6 - Will awareness bring an end to all mental activity?
7 - Is it possible to reverse an intention?
8 - Why do those who have powers never use it?
9 - How to evolve on the path of knowledge?
10 - If everything is drama, which drama will be the best one?
11 - Can a meditator become one with the object of the meditation?
12 - Can we get rid of the food?
13 - What is dissolution?
14 - Is knowledge for everyone?
15 - How to resolve the doubts?
16 - What to do when the awareness is lost during daily activity?
17 - Why monks don't stay at one place for long?
18 - What is energy?
19 - Why don't we give away the occult knowledge to all?
20 - How to find a perfect master?

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