Pure Experiences

Knowledge, Illusion, Laws, Dreams, Projection, Virtual Worlds

October 14, 2021

1. What are the characteristics of the path of knowledge? How is it different from other paths?
2. What is your best quality as a seeker and which qualities do you lack?
3. Why is knowledge ultimately ignorance?
4. If truth is subjective and arbitrary, is anything really true?
5. Why is the Experiencer confined to a human body?
6. All that changes is illusory but what is it that remains consistent about the illusion?
7. Worlds, bodies and minds are just vibration, but why do they need to obey laws? 
8. Which states are conducive for spiritual seekers?
9. Who divides the unity of Existence into multiplicity? 
10. After knowing that I am the Existence, what should I do to be in that state?
11. Why do we wake up in the same world everyday even though it is a dream?
12. Why is there continuity in waking state but not in dreaming?
13. What happens to the projected body when we return to waking state?
14. What precedes vibrations?
15. How is existence both true and false?
16. Can virtual worlds help in desire fulfilment?

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