Pure Experiences

Memory, Dream, Reality, Evolution, Suffering, Food, Tantra, Miracles

March 25, 2022

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1 - Is pain a memory?
2 - Why can't we experience ourselves, and are trapped in a dream?
3 - What is the cause of unexplained pain or phobia?
4 - How to stop past from controlling the present?
5 - Should we write down the dreams?
6 - Why are memories strengthened when recalled?
7 - Why is there a difference between reality and perception?
8 - How do we handle memories on the path of knowledge?
9 - Which evolutionary goal to choose?
10 - What do breathing exercises do?
11 - Will knowing everything is an illusion make my life dull?
12 - Is suffering necessary to finally arrive on a spiritual path?
13 - Is frozen food healthy?
14 - Are powerful and charismatic people tantrics?
15 - How to have a healthy and beautiful body?
16 - Why do some Gurus perform miracles etc?
17 - Is PoK entertaining like other magical paths?

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