Pure Experiences

Nature of reality: 1 - Synopsis

April 19, 2018

A brief introduction to the series of talks on the nature of reality. Even though it is highly nebulous and subjective concept, we can extract some essential characteristics of what exists. We find that existence has many facets. It is complex, but has simplicity at its core, it is chaotic, but in an orderly way.

For the purpose of this discussion, I will use the following model/metaphor of a diamond with many facets. The facets or characteristics of reality are - 1. Illusory 2.Iconic 3. Mental 4. Impermanence 5. Entropy reduction 6. Relative 7. Multilevel 8. Multidimensional 9. Cyclic 10. Infinitely potent 11. Based on ignorance 12. Identical to the Self 13. Unknowable.

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