Pure Experiences

Nonduality, Emptiness, Gurufield, Perception, Cyclic Existence, Strange Experiences

October 4, 2021

1. Why is the path of knowledge also called a direct path?
2. What are the best sources of knowledge?
3. How can we get rid of ignorance without a Guru?
4. If truth is so important, why is that not our goal?
5. During progressive elimination, when all that can be experienced is discarded, what remains?
6. Why is any experience not my essence?
7. All experience is nothing but a memory. Explain.
8. Nonduality is merely another concept. Justify or refute.
9. Existence is emptiness. What is it empty of?
10. How can an action happen when there is no doer?
11. Is there any difference between self realisation and enlightenment?
12. Is there any goal beyond self realisation?
13. How can Guru's voice appear to students?
14. Can we break the barrier of false perception and perceive everything as it is?
15. What is this cycle of impression-action-impression? How to break it?
16. Why do some people run after strange experiences?

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