Pure Experiences

Objectivity, Truth, Memory, Individual, Causal Body, IT Systems, Spiritual Advancement

October 7, 2021

1. Is objectivity a superior criterion for knowing the truth?
2. What are the criteria for truth in science?
3. Are mathematical truths also not reliable?
4. Is science true because the gadgets work?
5. When/how does local memory interface with universal memory? 
6. Why is there a border between universal memory and local memory?
7. How does the individual arise?
8. How to measure your spiritual advancement?
9. What is a memory bridge and why is it needed?
10. How to count your incarnation?
11. What are degenerate lives?
12. Why is the layered memory model so similar to IT systems?
13. What confines the causal memory?
14. Will words lose their meaning after self realisation?
15. How to quantify spiritual advancement?
16. Are my apps only a trap?

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