Pure Experiences

Perception, Paths, Awareness, Guru, Evolution, Death

May 1, 2022

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1 - What is the relation between perception and creation?
2 - Do we perceive one slice of the whole at a time?
3 - How are other paths related to the path of knowledge?
4 - Can opposites appear together?
5 - Can awareness feel like intoxication?
6 - Which is most important - knowledge, awareness or equanimity?
7 - How much effort and struggle does it take on the path of knowledge?
8 - Who can teach?
9 - What to do when the daily tasks are boring?
10 - Will any development happen after knowledge?
11 - Which temple is best to visit?
12 - What should this creature do?
13 - What is a textbook perfect death?
14 - Is a mixture of path good?

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