Pure Experiences

Q&A, Oneness, Intentions, Cycles, Waking State, Sleep

October 21, 2021

1. Who are fit for the path of knowledge, who are not?
2. Why is logic, which is intellectual, a means of knowledge but not the direct experience of trusted people or great masters?
3. Truth can be misleading. Explain.
4. How can nature of something be known?
5. What are the positive qualities in the Experiencer?
6. What are the implications of self realisation?
7. Why is there change? Why does it appear orderly and lawful?
8. Refute the causal nature of the Experience.
9. Nonduality cannot be experienced directly. Explain.
10. How can a seeker abide in Oneness? What are some practical tips to remain as One?
11. Why is it useful to keep questioning and answering?
12. What is evil eye?
13. Is it possible to prove that I exist in deep sleep?
14. Do intentions come from causal body?
15. Why is the experience cyclic?
16. Is waking state a poisoned state?
17. Is it sufficient to simply have a strong intention?
18. Is spiritual intention affected by time?

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