Pure Experiences

Qualities, Wisdom, Senses, Creation, Will, Scriptures

May 5, 2022

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1 - Path of knowledge provides only verified knowledge. True or false?
2 - Is anything knowable?
3 - What are the limitations of the criteria for truth?
4 - How are qualities of a seeker different from those needed for survival?
5 - What does the Experiencer do when it is not witnessing an Experience?
6 - Experiencer relies on the Experience for its own knowledge. True or false?
7 - If oneness cannot be known is it imaginary?
8 - Which layers are essential for higher wisdom?
9 - What is the true state of the Universal Memory?
10 - What senses in the sense pyramid provide us most knowledge?
11 - How can there be knowledge when knowledge itself is seen via mental senses?
12 - Where is the ignorance - in the creature or in the existence?
13 - Was something created?
14 - How to do attention practice for the waking state?
15 - Is will of the existence responsible for the created?
16 - Are scriptures a good way to know?
17 - Which are the most useless books?
18 - Why were thousands of Upanishads written?
19 - How should one proceed towards answering?

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