Pure Experiences

Relations, Mind, Evolution, Past Life, Devi, Desires, Food

August 12, 2021

1. What kind of relations can a seeker have?
2. Is birth of a baby symbolic?
3. How to deal with mind attacks?
4. Are snakes special?
5. Can one descend down on the evolutionary ladder?
6. How to frame a meaningful question?
7. Do I need to know my past lives to improve my present life?
8. How to practice detachment?
9. How to understand Devi?
10. Why is Kundalini experience different for everyone?
11. Are traditional Advaitins religious or devotees?
12. Is guru worship allowed on the path of knowledge?
13. Why do people anthropomorphise things?
14. Are the loops of desires fruitless?
15. Should we believe spiritual rumours?
16. What kind of food is recommended on the path of knowledge?

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