Pure Experiences

Satsang, Presence, Existence, Perfection, Grounding, Body, Guru, Gender, Senses

April 10, 2022

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1 - What to do in the satsang?
2 - What is dynamic presence?
3 - Why is existence experiencing itself?
4 - What is the cause of experience?
5 - Am I really perfect?
6 - How to ground?
7 - How to stay in the world once there is detachment?
8 - Why is the Guru going in reverse?
9 - Is guruperson important for the gurufield?
10 - Why is surrender of female different from that of male?
11 - Is a female guru better?
12 - Is it possible to see the nonphysical forms of objects and people?
13 - How many gurus can one have on the pok?

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