Pure Experiences

Silence, Fasting, Causal Body, Fear, Sounds, Stars

August 19, 2021

1. What is the sound of silence?
2. Is it advisable and possible to leave body at will if you have no more responsibilities and desires?
3. Can we leave the program prematurely?
4. Can fasting cure desires?
5. What is the origin of desires?
6. Can the causal body incarnate as many bodies?
7. Are astrology or palmistry valid sciences?
8. Can all the fears go away permanently?
9. Why is it said there is only one experience?
10. Do objects have causal body?
11. What is beyond Turyatita?
12. How to resolve the contradiction that the existence is zero dimensional but it is also all pervasive?
13. Can the sounds of some specific frequencies help for spiritual practice?
14. Are stars and constellations nonphysical? What do they represent in the scriptures?

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