Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #57 : Detachment, Refinement, Introspection, Identities, Tantric Experiments

September 28, 2020

What are the tricks to cultivate detachment?

Is it possible to come out of sticky relations and dependencies and fear?

Does the refinement end somewhere?

How to be free from being controlled by other people or situations?

Why there is no such thing as enlightenment?

Do we use these tricks on the path of knowledge?

What is the practice of listening, introspecting and abiding?

Why don't Gurus spoon feed the knowledge?

Does word salad kind of knowledge make us stupid?

How do seekers fool themselves?

Why does the mind create different identities in waking and dream states?

What is the difference between impressions and memory?

Do we create new identity in spirituality?

Why does a Guru strip off the old identity in ceremonies etc?

Why are tantric experiments not recommended in some traditions?

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