Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #63 : Suffering, Non-doing, Negative Thoughts, Identification, Problems Solutions and Lessons

November 8, 2020

What are the do's and don't for those who are joining the path of knowledge program?
Why so much weight on writing notes?
How can we reduce suffering by non-doing?
How can awareness destroy attachment to thoughts and resistance to negative thoughts?
Can the mind stop?
Does non-doing happen automatically?
Who intends to do something?
What is the relation between experience and the experiencer?
What happens when we mix the teachings at various levels?
How does the identification actually work?
Why are spiritual teachings sugar coated?
How are teachings divided depending on the level of the student?
What is the end result of knowledge?
What solves the problems ultimately?
What is the fundamental difference between a seeker and an ordinary worldly person?
How come seekers get the problems, even if they are good natured?
Why can't I simply choose a peaceful life?

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