Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #66 : Time Management, Non-existence, Self Realisation, Illusion, Occult, Magic, Miracles, Knowledge

November 29, 2020

How to find time for spiritual things in my busy life?
What comes first - duties or practices?
Why non-existence is impossible?
How does the self realisation happen?
What changes are seen after self realisation?
What can be done about the impurities?
Is there a greater illusion than this one?
What kind of illusion are we in right now?
What is our universe really made up of, who managed to cook up such a thing?
What are some strange occult theories about our world?
How to hunt for hidden occult knowledge?
Why was magic removed from this world?
Is our world under some kind of protection?
Why is a miracle ordinary and ordinary a miracle?
How to get unlimited knowledge?
Why do people limit themselves to narrow fields of knowledge?

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