Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #70 : Books, Education, Detachment, Peace, Listening, Ego

December 27, 2020

Do books provide any kind of knowledge? What books to read?
Who needs to be rescued, individual or the society?
How books lost their context?
Why are autobiographies and histories totally useless?
Why is knowledge not given in schools?
What is the value of education?
How to survive easily away from the society?
Should we teach children spiritual stuff?
What is the best age to start on the path of knowledge?
How to learn about the Maya?
What is the difference between disinterest and detachment?
Why do we lose interest in life?
How is the awareness practice paradoxical? How to do the nondoing?
Is it possible to have peace of mind?
What is meditation madness?
Why is listening so important? How does it affect a mind?
How surrender brings happiness?
What remains after I let go?
How does my bliss affect the mental machine?
Why do egos need to maintain a safe distance?

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