Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #75 : Wiki, Suffering, Negative Knowledge, Pain, Experiencer, Advaita

January 31, 2021

An introduction to the new path of knowledge wiki project. You can try it here : oormi.in/pok
Why is your ignorance a cause of my suffering?
Are others behaving badly intentionally?
What is the importance of a question?
Is broadcasting knowledge equivalent to forcing it on others?
How can ignorance perpetuate itself by blocking knowledge?
Are there any experiments to bring absolutely ignorant people on a proper path?
Can there be a loss of interest in gaining knowledge?
What is negative knowledge?
Why no other path will give you self realisation?
Why do pain and suffering exist?
What does an enlightened person do after enlightenment?
Why more importance is given to the experiencer in advaita?
Is the experiencer great?
Is Buddhism nihilistic?

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