Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #85 : Emptiness, Illusion, Ignorance, Words, Mantra, Guru, Path

May 16, 2021

What is Emptiness?
Is a mature mind bothered by the illusion?
What is wrong in exploring the illusion?
Why do people exploit nature?
What is the difference between forms and knower of forms?
What is the difference between a wise and an ignorant person?
Is ignorance also illusion?
What is the difference between consciousness and awareness?
Why should a seeker become obsessed with definitions?
Why are yogis meditating for thousands of years?
Is there an individual will?
What are the levels of truth and teachings?
Can we learn philosophy with the help of a dictionary?
What happens when you modify the mantra?
Is your experience your truth?
Is experience logical?
How to begin the search for truth?
What is the guru mantra?
Is spirituality merely words?
Is there any progress without a guru?
Is logic just a play of intellect?
What are the benefits of the path of knowledge?

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