Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #86 : Oneness, Bliss, Yantras, Kundalini, Experiencing, Awareness, Probability, Surrender

May 23, 2021

Is everything really one?
Why do we need to study in detail?
Are means of knowledge sufficient?
Why is bliss a neutral word and not positive?
What are Yantras?
What is a Shivalingam?
What relations are present in knowledge?
Is there is a cause of an experience?
What is Kundalini?
Is there a doer?
What is Experiencing?
What is the meaning of awareness in daily life?
Why is the illusion probabilistic?
What is the use of a practice without knowledge?
Does true randomness exist?
What is natural surrender?
How to balance surrender and action?
Why does mind prefer determinism?

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