Pure Experiences

The Sunday Q&A #87 : Limitedness, Mind, Purification, Nondual state, Illusion, Liberation

May 30, 2021

Is the experiencer same as what we call as "I" ?
Why is experience limited?
How and why good health and financial independence required for path of knowledge?
Is there any difference in knowledge among people, given that they perceive the same things?
Is it possible for experiencer to exist but there are no experiences?
Does the act of existence trying to know itself invariably creates experiences and experiencer?
How is the mind limited?
How does the mind get purified while following this path of knowledge?
What is the difference between the seeker (who has questions, ignorance etc) and the experiencer?
How do I always remain in the non dual state all the time?
Even though I know everything is an illusion but still why do I get carried away in this illusory world?
Can we remove all impurities in one lifetime?
Who is liberated?
What is dependent existence?

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