Pure Experiences

Time, Looking Within, Dreaming, Sensitivity, Desires, Texts, Evidence, Authorities, Money, Intellect, Life Goals

June 16, 2022

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1 - Is present time also an illusion?
2 - What is the meaning of looking within?
3 - Is healing a mixed dreaming state?
4 - What is the difference between awakening, self realisation, liberation and enlightenment?
5 - What is the solution for sensitivity towards people and difficult situations?
6 - What is shielding?
7 - What is the difference between religion and spirituality?
8 - Which energy is used in healing?
9 - How to fulfil desires in the dreaming state?
10 - Can we trust the text?
11 - Are chakras real?
12 - How are we all one? How to get that evidence?
13 - What are the secrets of making money smartly? Can we become free by that?
14 - Should we follow spiritual authorities?
15 - How to purify the intellect?
16 - Do gurus sense others thoughts?
17 - How to help an ignorant person?
18 - How to get rid of frustrations, boredom and distractions when doing something important?
19 - Who can say that all is illusion? Is it escapism?

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