Pure Experiences

Universality, Experiencer, Agnostics, Ultimate Truth

May 12, 2022

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1 - Can we teach the path of knowledge in schools or colleges?
2 - If the guru is not a valid source of knowledge, what is his/her role on this path?
3 - How can we know the nature of anything?
4 - What is the difference between criteria of truth used in daily life and criteria in nondual philosophy?
5 - How to get the direct experience of universality of the Experiencer?
6 - Where is the Experiencer when no one is watching it?
7 - What do senses show ?
8 - Which experiences are most reliable for knowing the ultimate truth?
9 - We know only nonduality not the oneness. True or false?
10 - If I am unchanging, how do vibrations arise in me?
11 - How can agnosticism bring total freedom?
12 - Why does the ego demand attention? How to correct it?

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