Pure Experiences

Will, Unknowability, Individuality, Purification, Memory, Measurement

August 15, 2021

1. What is free will? Is it free? Who wills?
2. Is the existence unknowable and paradoxical?
3. Why is my life boring after self realisation?
4. Is nondual knowledge useful in our daily life?
5. Is the individual cause of separation?
6. Why does the experiencer want to remain alive?
7. Why is all our thinking false?
8. What is the difference between a common man and a self realised person?
9. Is dropping ignorance a process of purification?
10. What is the origin of thoughts?
11. Can the memory store anything at all?
12. What can we measure?
13. Is the illusion stable?
14. What is the greatest miracle?

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