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The Path of Knowledge : A Course

May 10, 2020

Welcome to the path of knowledge!


A simple and brief intro to the path of knowledge is available via the 3D PoK course recordings here:

  1. Self Realisation
  2. Illusion
  3. Oneness

Those who want to do the 3D program may please contact the following persons and get the benefit from this program. It is free and can be given via phone.



A systematic program on the path of knowledge is now available for those seekers who wish to start on this path in an organised way.

This is totally free, completely online, and only one of its kind in the world. Here is the link :

The Path of Knowledge Program

I hope this will be helpful for all the seekers of knowledge.


The same series of talks on the path of knowledge are available on this podcast. You can listen to them here:

The Path of Knowledge

You can also watch them on YouTube here :

The Path of Knowledge Playlist

It is suggested that you go serially, the episodes are numbered. The order of the episodes is from the most basic and fundamental to most detailed and minute.


Alternatively you can listen to the other talks here, which are more casual and relaxed, but deal with same topics.

Consider listening to these talks in the order given below as a structured introduction to Nondualism or Advaita.

There are no heavy Sanskrit words, no scriptures, no chanting or singing, just plain wisdom.

1 - The Existence

2 - Two Aspects of Presence

3 - The Experiencer

4 - The Experience

5 - Origin of the Mind

6 - Path of Knowledge

7 - Truth, Certainty and Faith

8 - What is my essence? : Part - 1 Self Realisation

9 - What is my essence? : Part - 2 Oneness Realisation

10 - Veiling Power of Maya

11 - Liberation

12 - Going Home

13 - Happiness and Freedom

14 - Qualities of a Student

15 - The Guru and How to find one


The following are not so essential, but curious minds want to know, so here it is:

16 - Series: Nature of Reality

17 - Series: Laws of Mind

18 - Talks on Universal Mind

19 - Reincarnation


Some deeper topics, for advanced seekers:

20 - Entropy and Self Organization

21 - Names and Forms

22 - States of Mind Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

23 - Origin of Experience

24 - The Illusion of Self

25 - The Final Destination

26 - Sleep

27 - Death

28 - I Don't Know


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